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Global Hand washing Awareness

posted Apr 16, 2013, 10:26 PM by Pilinda Rose Dominguez
By: Mrs Pilinda Rose R. Dominguez

Children rarely think about the personal hygiene of their hands, that’s why adults need to constantly direct them on a daily basis. Children mainly focus on eating and playing, but they must be consistently instructed on healthy living skills as well. As a parent, it’s up to you to reinforce your child’s hand washing hygiene, like before every meal and after using the bathroom.

Children that do not wash their hands on a regular basis not only introduce germs to them, but can spread germs to others. Because children share most everything, including germs, they need to be encouraged to wash their hands and be shown how to do this important personal hygiene activity properly.

Children suffering from colds and flu bugs need to wash their hands even more frequently. They do not realize that when they cough, sneeze and wipe their runny nose with the back of their hands that it could cause a minor epidemic, particularly in a day-care or preschool settings. And your child contracting numerous infectious diseases can be avoided if you only teach your child when and how to wash their hands.

Children share toys all the time, and the first thing many young children do is put them in their mouth. This activity can transfer germs from child to child. To reduce this risk, hand and toy washing are important personal hygiene prevention measures.

The Handwashing program of the DepEd aims to reduce the spread of diseases. It widens the awareness of the danger of dirty hands to both students and their families. I, as the Science Coordinator of school, with the help of my students and my co-teachers conduct the National Handwashing Day Celebration (Deped Memorandum No. 184,series 2012) . The DepEd together with the YES-O officers help us to make this program possible. As the Science Coordinator with the help of my students and my co-teachers and with the guidance of our School Head, Ms. Jovita Singzon, I took charge in the implementation of the project. All the pupils of GL David Elementary School, teachers and staff contributed to the success of this program. In support of United Nation’s (UN) designation of a Global Handwashing Day, and in line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the DepEd our school G.L.David Memorial Elementary School conduct the program last October 15, 2012 (Monday). 

The said program was started with an orientation with the importance of washing our hand. Because of the insufficient place or washing area, we decided to divide the pupils into seven groups. Each group was taught the proper way of washing their hands and let them to do it by themselves. The Handwashing project helps us be more aware with the importance of proper way of washing our hand. With this, we can prevent the spread of disease in our school. I strongly recommend widening the scope of this project. Provide more seminars not just in schools but in rural areas so it can reach more people.

The school can disseminate informative notes or letters to their pupil so they can show or introduce the proper way of hand washing to their parents. Awareness is the key to lessen or hopefully get rid the spread of disease or sick in our area.