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posted Apr 16, 2013, 6:02 PM by Pilinda Rose Dominguez
By: Mrs. Pilinda Rose R. Dominguez

The Department of Science and Technology, scientists and experts continue to find ways to improve the effectiveness of the DOST-developed Mosquito Ovicidal-Larvicidal (OL) Trap and to promote its use to the public, especially in places affected by dengue.
Since its roll out last year, the OL Trap has shown impact in reducing dengue incidence in the country. To further extend its benefit, DOST partnered with the Departments of Education and Health to distribute OL Trap kits to public elementary and high school classrooms in 31 provinces identified by the DOH. DOST’s school-based OL Trap program aims to reduce mosquito population in schools and communities through the use of the OL Trap, which will subsequently decrease dengue incidents.

Currently, DOST is intensifying its information and education campaign in public schools and communities, distributing along with the kits various materials designed to increase awareness on the OL Trap and its proper use.

 The OL Trap program of the DOST in cooperation with DepEd aims to reduce Dengue incidence of schools. It widens the awareness of the danger of dengue to both students and their families. DOST provided the school with kits and necessary materials to make this program possible. I, as the Science Coordinator of school, with the help of my students and my co-teachers placed tumblers with water, OL pellets and lawanit stick in all strategic locations which will serve as a place for the mosquito to lay eggs. All tumblers are checked and datas are recorded so actions can be taken in case there are mosquito dengue carriers present in the distributed tumblers. 

The DOST and DepEd together with the YES-O Balanga and the Local government help us to make this program possible. As the Science Coordinator with the help of my students and my co-teachers and with the guidance of our School Head, Ms. Jovita Singzon, I took charge in the implementation of the project..             

The DOST OL Trap project helps us be more aware if there is a possibility of Dengue Mosquito presence in our School. With this, we can do act accordingly to prevent a dengue outbreak within our school. I strongly recommend widening the scope of this project. Provide more seminars not just in schools but in rural areas so it can reach more people.

The school can disseminate informative notes or letters to their pupil so they can show or introduce OL trap to their parents. Awareness is the key to lessen or hopefully get rid of dengue causing mosquito in our area.

By: Mrs. Pilinda Rose R. Dominguez