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Celebration of World Teachers' Day

posted Apr 16, 2013, 8:50 PM by Pilinda Rose Dominguez

By: Mrs. Pilinda R. Dominguez

What is Teacher? Most dictionaries define the word “teacher” simply as “one who teaches”. At face value, this may be true, but most of what it means to be a teacher can’t possibly be expressed in a single sentence. A teacher is a symbol of learning, a leader of learners, and a miracle to education. Teachers often take the role of friend, leader, coach, motivator, confidant, counselor, and more importantly, role model. They are individuals who stimulate a student’s desire to learn and pursue knowledge by introducing them to new ways of thinking. They encourage students to exercise elements of critical thinking and to understand the value of knowledge. Without teachers the future of humanity would be jeopardized. Where would doctors, lawyers, scientists, firefighters, athletes, and others come from? Where would they have gotten their inspiration to learn and exercise discipline in ways that lead to success?

Teachers' Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. The date on which Teachers' day is celebrated varies from country to country. As the Grade Five pupils and SPG Members with the guidance of our school head, Mrs. Jovita B. Singzon, We, Pilinda Rose R. Dominguez (grade V-adviser) and Luzve Castillo (SPG Adviser), organized this celebration to support the World Teachers’ Day Celebration held last October 04, 2012 at G.L. David Mem. Elem. School covered court. All the student of G.L. David Memorial Elementary School, teachers, parents and staff contributed to the success of this program. The theme of this year celebration was “MY TEACHER, MY HERO”.

The program was started with the prayer and singing of our national anthem and Dugong Balangueño (City Hymn) led by Mary Grace Gaspar (grade V pupils /SPG secretary). Our school head, Mrs. Jovita B. Singzon welcomes the pupils, teachers, parents and the staff. She also gives a simple message about the celebration. And to see if everybody was at the program Ms. Castillo do the roll-call, as she called each grade, the pupils will say “MY TEACHER MY HERO”.  One of the pupil from grade six, made an emotional message for the teacher, Yceia Ed Camania delivered the letter well and I can say that his message was from his heart. Because we all see how tears fell from his eyes every time he talked how teachers affect his life.  Each grade prepared a special number to entertain the guest. Ms. Vanny (Canteen Worker) add little humor in the program, she made an “alias” for each teacher. And of course the school will not function well with out the help of the parents, so in this activity the General Parent Teacher Association gave a plaque of appreciation to the teachers. 

   Our celebration doesn’t ended in our  school, the Local Government with Hon. Joet Garcia and the City Schools Division headed by Dr. Ronaldo Pozon, prepared an activity at Crown Royal Hotel. A mass was offered as thanksgiving to all the blessings received by all of us. In addition, the whole staff of GL David Mem. Elem. School pampered themselves by a wonderful experience at Pier One, Subic Bay. Having dinner together at the bay park was indeed a night to remember. As part of social life, this is a moment wherein forms, lesson plans, and other paper works were set aside. Everybody enjoyed the celebration.

As a teacher, I really appreciate what our pupils prepared for this celebration. And I am happy and complete that in my short period as a teacher I touched the lives of each child.  I also thankfull that they appreciate the effort we give. And to our City Government and City Schools Division I want to say a big THANKS for continue helping us in building our child a World Class Citizen.

By: Mrs Pilinda Rose R. Dominguez