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7 Ways to Stress Free

posted May 5, 2013, 11:02 PM by Pilinda Rose Dominguez
by: Marilou T. Valiente

Teacher passionate about her vocation absolutely looks forward to each school day with her students. Ushering in new learning and watching students’ eye gleam with that familiar spark of understanding is a teacher’s most treasured daily  wage. Teaching since time immemorial has been very laborious and taxing because of the numerous responsibilities it entails from preparation of teaching materials, execution of teaching-learning process to conferencing the parents about their child’s progress. If you are not ready for all these activities then, this profession is not for you. Yet, if you feel confident and happy in accomplishing all these tasks then, you just have to find ways on how to overcome all these stress in teaching. Learn to beat stress by adopting a positive attitude and making a few simple lifestyle changes.

      Here are seven helpful ways to beating the blues days in school:

1. Find time with God in prayer before you start your day.

2. Do your planned activities for the day. Put everything in the right perspective. First thing first and Line up your activities as if every day is your last day.

3. Keep quiet and stare blankly on the wall when the pupils become so unruly in the class.They will understand your silence.

4. Inject humor in your lessons. This way, you make yourself happy and your pupils too but be careful not to offend anyone in the class.

5. Never listen to negative rumor or opinion of others against anyone in school so that you won’t feel bad. Escape yourself against negative people

6. Dwell on your blessings small or big. It’s still a blessing.

 7. Accept challenging works with confidence and faith that you can do it.

Remember all these and make every day a better day than yesterday….