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Mrs.Zenaida C. San Pedro

A Woman of Love, Grace and Strength


             G.L. David Memorial Elementary School priviledge for having a new Head Teacher III in the person of Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro. Friends and relatives affectionately called her Zeny. She was born in Barangay Cupang, Balanga City on March 17, 1961.

             She graduated elementary in Cupang Elementary School in 1973, finished her secondary education at Bataan National High School in 1977, obtained her BSEED degree at National Teachers College in Manila.

             Our principal earned her Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision at Harvadian College.

             As a student, she was quiet, reserved and given to deep thinking. She would rather read books and study her lessons than participate in the jubilation and fun of the girls of her age.

             Mrs. San Pedro first assignment as an Administrator was in M.P. Cuaderno Memorial Elementary School then to G.L. David Elementary School respectively. The Head Teacher of G.L. David Memorial Elementary School was a shining example of what an administrator can accomplish if she puts her heart and mind into it.

             Many of her former co-teachers and co-administrators spoke of her in glowing term. Silent but hardworking, unselfish, dedicated and strong as her glaring personal traits.

             We are indeed very happy for having Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro as our new Head Teacher.


             Welcome to G.L. David Memorial Elementary School.


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